Le Shuttle Freight

The Shuttle Freight Service allows trucks to be transported on board Shuttles between France and the United Kingdom. In the Folkestone and Coquelles terminals, truck drivers have dedicated facilities for check-in, security, border controls and customs formalities. Drivers do not remain in their vehicle during crossing, but travel in specially designed wagons known as Club Cars. The service operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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Le Shuttle Freight traffic: strengthened position in a stable market

The Eurotunnel Truck Shuttle service record stable volumes of traffic for 2017, only 4,000 vehicles short of the record set in 2016. Le Shuttle Freight thus confirmed its leading position with a 39.1% market share, in a truck market stable after several years of steady growth.

  • 1,637,280 heavy goods vehicles transported on Truck Shuttles in 2017

World leader in piggyback transport

Eurotunnel has revolutionised international trade in Europe: 26% of trade in goods between the UK and Europe goes through the Channel Tunnel, which represents a total value of €138Bn per year. The Tunnel facilitates the rapid transport of components necessary for the just-in-time and just-in-sequence production process employed by the automotive, pharma et chemical industries, fresh products and postal freight and express deliveries.

Strengths of Eurotunnel transport system

Eurotunnel offers its freight customers unrivalled speed, fluidity, flexibility and reliability for crossing the Channel.

Fleet: 18 Truck Shuttles, including 3 new WBN Shuttles, 9 Arbel Shuttles and 6 Breda Shuttles.
Capacity: each Shuttle can transport up to 32 trucks in semi-enclosed wagons.
Speed: as Shuttles travel at the speed of 140 km/hour, trucks cross the Channel in 90 minutes (on average) from motorway to motorway.
Security: enhanced security measures each year thanks to an ongoing multi-year plan launched since 2015.
Fluidity: truck Shuttles offer up to 8 departure per hour in both way depending on the volume of traffic.
Flexibility: the only cross-channel service open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Profitability: 25 km journey and fuel costs saved thanks to the direct access from the terminals to the A16 motorway at Calais and the M20 motorway at Folkestone.
Reliability: the Channel Tunnel is hardly affected by the weather conditions.
Quality of service: with a high customer satisfaction rate, more than 380 million tonnes of freight have already travelled through the Channel Tunnel.
Respect for the environment: a truck carried by Shuttle emits 20 times less CO2 than if transported by ferry. Eurotunnel offers, by far, the most environmentally friendly cross-Channel service.

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Investments to reinforce capacity and quality of service

New Truck Shuttles

Three new Truck Shuttles came into service in 2017. These newly designed Shuttles benefit from the latest technical advances and are interoperable with the existing Shuttle fleet. This investment increases the capacity of the truck transport supply by 20%. With a fleet of 18 Shuttles, Le Shuttle Freight will now be able to provide up to 8 departures an hour at peak times, an unrivalled frequency that no other cross-Channel operator can offer its customers.

+ info: WBN truck shuttles video

Secure paid parking

Truck drivers have access in Coquelles to a paid car park with space for 146 trucks. Open 24 hours a day, the Truck Park is fitted with high fences, surveillance cameras, a registration plate recognition system and detection equipment, making it extremely secure. The service station, cafeteria, free Wi-Fi, showers and toilets meet the expectations of drivers in terms of comfort.

Real time information

Eurotunnel provide its freight customers the most personalized and useful information at every step of their journey: onboard information system with screens, customer information panels on the approach route, customer information processing software and a mobile application.

Before arriving on site, the free Driver Info app tells them the time to reach check-in, then at the entrance to the terminal, it gives their transit time to loading onto the Shuttle, the number of departures per hour and which bus they should take to get to and from the Club Car.

Online quality of service

To deliver the highest quality of service and cater for the needs of customers, Le Shuttle Freight commercial services stepped things up with:

  • A new more responsive website with more intuitive browsing and full optimisation for mobile devices
  • A booking and online payment system for occasional customers without an account, faster and more user-friendly
  • The digitalisation of customer relations with the roll-out of new CRM software: as well as enabling our sales teams to personalise their communication with our customers, the digital channel is now being used as a simple, speedy and cost-effective way to open new accounts and sign agreements.
  • The update of the extranet site, which allows customers with an account to declare their dangerous goods transportation online, saving time and reducing administrative procedures at the terminal.

The range of new online services thus offers our customers administrative flexibility, secure document exchange and time savings.

    Overall, quality of service improved again in 2017, with 37% of trucks crossing the Strait of Dover in less than 90 minutes instead of 32% the previous year, and 73% in less than 2 hours instead of 70%. 96% of our haulier customers report having a positive or very positive image of Eurotunnel (according to a survey conducted by Harris Interactive in the 2nd half of 2017).

    To find out more information on the Truck Shuttle business, please refer tothe 2017 Annual review of the Group.