Corporate responsibility

Since its inception, our Group has always been a major player in its local environment and brings its support to the economic and social development of the local communities.

As an active partner attentive to local issues, Getlink gets involved in multiple actions aimed at improving its economic and social environment. This corporate dimension is embodied in a range of community initiatives.

Partnerships and community relations

Teachers visit to Eurotunnel

Under the agreement signed between Eurotunnel SGIE and the C Génial foundation, a group of teachers, careers advisers and head teachers come each year to discover for a day about job opportunities in rolling stock maintenance, under the auspices of the “Teachers in company” initiative. This partnership is establishing solid links with the educational community, providing a better insight into the wealth of the Group’s know-how, and may help to interest the young people of the region in careers in the rail industry.

Job Squad

As every year, Eurotunnel in Coquelles provided support to a group of eight young jobseekers, under the Job Squad mentorship program launched by the Alliances network in 2014. During seven sessions, a senior manager from the company gave them advice about drafting a good CV, succeeding at job interviews and developing their network of contacts. For the 2017 program, seven of them found a job within 4 months of tutoring.

Getlink, partner of the APF

Since 2013, Getlink has been committed to call on the French disabled people association (APF) for any services falling within the skill set of its partner companies which employ people with disabilities. As such, the Group regularly contracts work to the APF workshops in the Calais region, which specialise in mechanical welding, carpentry, packaging and tertiary services. The value of the services requested from the charity has continued to increase, from €14,742 in 2013 to €112,892 in 2017, an increase of nearly 700%. In 2017, the partnership provided full-time work for more than four people at APF Calais.


Major player in its natural, economic and human environment, Getlink exercises its social responsibility through concrete commitments and community-based actions: partnership with Le Secours Populaire, active support for the foundation of the 2nd chance, support for solidarity actions supported by employees, sponsorship for the Lille World Forum...

Ethics and best practice

The Group, and in particular the Ethics and Governance Committee of the Board of Directors, is actively developing a climate of trust and fair relations with all its stakeholders via the implementation of a code of ethics, an anti-corruption policy and responsible purchasing:
  • In accordance with the United Nations Global Compact, the Charter of Ethics and Behaviour defines common rules in terms of respect for the individual, fair competition, of internal control and environmental protection
  • The Charter for Responsible Supplier Relations describes ten commitments for responsible purchasing, to ensure proper two-way relationships with suppliers in compliance with the respective rights and obligations
  • The anti-corruption policy aims to bolster the dissemination of the rules of conduct supporting Group integrity and ethics.

    • 2017: Last season of the Tunnel series

      In the third and final season of the series “The Tunnel”, broadcast in December 2017 on Sky Atlantic, the characters Commander Elise Wassermann from the Calais judicial police bureau and Detective Chief Inspector Karl Roebuck from Kent police faced two dangerous criminals. Fixed Link infrastructure features in various episodes, with Group employees appearing as extras.

    • 2017: The Sailing Voyage Project

      60 pupils from Shepway and Boulogne-sur-Mer took part in the 3rd edition of the Sailing Voyage project, during which they learned to live and work together, thanks to logistical assistance from the Group which supports cross-border educational initiatives. All of them took part in physical challenges and 26 of the more adventurous pupils crossed the Channel from Folkestone to Boulogne-sur-Mer on sailing boats.

    • 2017: Audi, symbol of speed and performance

      Eurotunnel was chosen by Audi as the main setting for the launch of the advertising for the new A8, the flagship of its range. Lambert Wilson takes the wheel and drives through the service tunnel, arriving in London in time for a movie shooting.

    • 2017: CIFCCO wins a Hackaton

      An approach to learning which aims to foster creativity, the Hackathon is a competition where teams are given a limited time to develop a solution to a specific problem.The challenge in this case was to come up with the best answer to the question, “How should we collate and manage training data?”, in the space of 48 hours. Each project group then had 4 minutes to present their idea and make specific proposals to a panel of specialists. The team led by CIFFCO won the competition in style with its mobile application.

    • 2016: partner of the World Forum for a Responsible Economy

      At the World Forum for a Responsible Economy 2016, chaired by Philippe Vasseur, Board director of the Group and chairman of the Alliances Network, thirty professional representatives of local and regional companies (Auchan, Bonduelle) took part, at the Coquelles site, in discussions on the various themes of corporate responsibility.

    • 2016: the Tunnel series returns


      Eight episodes of the second series of this Franco-British production were shown in March 2016 on Canal+, and in April and May on Sky Atlantic. The two investigators, Elise Wassermann, commander of the judicial police in Calais (Clémence Poésy) and Karl Roebuck, senior police inspector in Kent (Stephen Dillane) joined forces once again, this time to look into a double kidnapping in the Channel Tunnel and a suspicious plane crash in the Short Straits. A number of the Fixed Link’s facilities, such as the rail control centre, the maintenance workshops and the Shuttles themselves are featured in the programme, in which Group employees also appear as extras. Keep your eyes out for series 3 which goes into production in the spring of 2017!

    • 2015: protection of migrants


      From the 1st attempted intrusions at the beginning of summer, Eurotunnel did its utmost to protect migrants against the electrical and railway risks to which they were exposing themselves inside the Eurotunnel terminal. So the company installed more than 300 warning signs, translated in 9 different languages, on the outer fence of the Concession perimeter in and distributed leaflets informing migrants of the life-threatening perils incurred.

    • 2015: Churchill and the Tunnel

      Eurotunnel's participation in the 5th cross-border employment meeting

      The Churchill-De Gaulle exhibition at the Army Museum in Paris to mark the 70th anniversary of World War II showed an original poster where Winston Churchill asked: “Why not a Channel Tunnel?”

    • 2015: memories of the Tunnel

      In 2015, the Railway Museum of the Elham Valley Line Trust, which already boasts a section on the Tunnel’s construction, welcomed two locomotives and a man-rider from the construction era, which were installed, with the help of engineers from the Group, on rails and sleepers provided by Eurotunnel.

    • November 2014: An education shelter at Samphire Hoe

      An education shelter at Samphire Hoe

      The Samphire Hoe Education shelter, which opened in November 2014, is equipped with a 60 m2 classroom and a 40 m2 exhibition area that can comfortably accommodate large numbers of school children or tourists visiting the nature reserve at the foot of Shakespeare Cliff (Kent). The building co-financed by Eurotunnel and the Heritage Lottery Fund also serves as an exhibition venue and workshop to raise awareness of corporate and environmental responsibility.

      The building's design incorporates eco-construction criteria : railway sleepers from the Coquelles terminal were recycled and used as cladding for the back of the building, while the front is made of larch wood. Logs from trees felled during Terminal 2015 construction work in Folkestone will fuel the shelter's two wood burning stoves in the winter.

    • October 2014: Eurotunnel contributes to french-english exchanges for schools

      As part of the First World War centenary commemorations organised in Boulogne-sur-Mer in October, Eurotunnel contributed by offering free Shuttle crossings to seven primary schools in Shepway (Kent). 400 British school children, many of whom had never left their native Kent, were able to learn about the history of the Great War while discovering the French language, culture and life style.

    • September 2014: Success for the European Heritage Days

      Solidarity race

      Eurotunnel's 4th participation in the European Heritage Days on the theme of Cultural Heritage, natural heritage coincided with the Tunnel's 20th anniversary. It was a huge success: more than 1,200 visitors gathered in Folkestone on 13 September and in Coquelles on 20 September to find out more about the behind-the-scenes activities of the cross-Channel Fixed Link, rail operations know-how and the expertise of the teams that manage the Tunnel every day.

    • July 2014: Eurotunnel donates a van to an association

      Eurotunnel donates a van to an association

      Rather than sending it to the scrap heap, an end-of-service van was donated to the Papa Tohanga Ohidi Sylvain et fils charity founded 13 years ago by a crew member in order to increase job creation in the underprivileged regions of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Four tonnes of clothes were also collected from the Group's employees for the same charity.

    • June 2014: Solidarity race

      Solidarity race

      As part of the Tunnel's 20th anniversary celebrations, on 17 June 2014, a solidarity race was organised at the two terminals where €1 donations for charity were collected for each kilometre covered. Employees who, together, completed 607 laps of the course organised at the Coquelles terminal and in the service Tunnel collected, with a matching contribution from Eurotunnel, €6,785 for the French Red Cross. Those who walked, ran, or jumped around the Folkestone terminal and in the service tunnel collected, with the company's contribution, £3,395 for the Children's Society.

    • January 2014: helping young graduates to promote diversity

      Lille Alliances Network

      With the Lille Alliances Network, the Group joined the dynamic groups for employment in 2014. Seven young graduates (A Levels + 3yrs and over), selected by the Network will be coached over nine months by the Group’s managers, to help them to write their CVs, develop their network of contacts and be effective during job interviews. Six meetings will be organised with the whole group.

    • July 2013: Partnership with Association des Paralysés de France

      Partnership APF

      A 3-year agreement was signed in July 2013 with Association des Paralysés de France (APF) through which the Group undertakes to solicit the APF for any service that falls within its scope of competence. This initiative underscores the Group’s values and commitment to promoting human rights and fighting all forms of discrimination.

    • October 2013: participation in the 4th cross-border employment meeting

      Jobs transfrontaliers

      In October 2013, several business companies of the Group participated in the 4th cross-border employment meeting, Jobs transfrontaliers in Frethun, a local initiative which encourages the professional mobility of young people between france, the UK and Belgium. The Group offered 7 permanent employment contracts and numerous work/study contracts. Nearly 100 CVs were collected.

    • Wind farm and emergency fund in 2013

      Wind farm and emergency fund

      For the fourth consecutive year, Eurotunnel gave 10% of the revenues generated by the three wind turbines operated on the Eurotunnel Coquelles site to Secours Populaire Français, a French charity that uses the funds to help families in need. The agreement between the Group and this solidarity association has been renewed until 2015.

    • January 2013: Research and training with the Ecole des Ponts

      Mediator Republic

      In January 2013, the Group established a long-term partnership with École Nationale des Ponts ParisTech. The partnership was materialised by the creation of a special science chair for railway transport with two components: research and training. The association between the know-how of the world’s leading provider of piggyback services and the academic skills of this major engineering school has already led to the launch of the first research theses. This initiative confirms the Group’s willingness to share its expertise to advance science and innovation and to position the railway sector as a forward-looking business.

    • January 2011: Eurotunnel computer donation to school children in Africa

      Eurotunnel computer donation to school children in Africa

      In January 2011, Eurotunnel donated 151 monitors and 173 redundant PC's to the charity Computers 4 Africa in the UK which helps give African children a good education. This donation further demonstrates Eurotunnel's supportive approach and sustainable commitment. The computer equipment which has been data-wiped, reformatted and refurbished with eductional software and is in very good working condition, will be given to schools, universities and various non-government organisations in Ethiopia and Cameroon (a similar operation took place in France in 2009 - see below).

    • Community recycling

      When Eurotunnel's mobile phone contract was renewed, the 210 redundant obsolete phones were sold to a UK company, specialising in the recycling of electronic equipment, which sorted, tested and reconditioned them in order to sell them on the second-hand market. Spare parts from phones that could not be recycled were used to repair others. Parts that could not be re-used were safely recycled via certified and licensed waste organisations. Eurotunnel donated the proceeds from this sale to two UK charities nominated and supported this year by the Eurotunnel Company Council; The British Heart Foundation and Julie Rose Stadium in Ashford.

    • Support for Paralympic sport

      Support for Paralympic sport

      Eurotunnel was the principal sponsor of the Kent International Paracycling event, a prequalifying level competition for the London 2012 Paralympic games, held in Kent in September 2010. This event attracted over 100 riders from 16 countries. Winning athletes from around the world will use points gained during this event for selection to compete in the 2012 Paralympic Games in London

    • January 2009 - Eurotunnel and the Conseil général: a long-term partnership to promote the Pas-de-Calais

      In January 2009, Eurotunnel signed a long-term partnership agreement with the Pas-de-Calais Conseil général to promote the region, its development and cross-Channel activity. 36 firm initiatives in economic, tourist and sporting fields have already been integrated into the signed agreement, including the creation of a tourist centre in Sangatte, the establishment of facilities to welcome sporting delegations taking part in the Olympic Games in London 2012 and the organisation of their cross-Channel travel, the inclusion of the Dover Straits as a Unesco world heritage site, the celebration in 2009 of the centenary of Bleriot's cross-Channel flight...

      This agreement is also intended to encourage cross-border exchanges between the Pas-de-Calais region and the county of Kent.

    • June 2009: Eurotunnel has given 500 computers to schools in the Pas-de-Calais


      As part of its social and environmental policy, Eurotunnel has made 500 computers which are no longer needed at its offices available to around 100 schools and associations across the Côte d'Opale.
      All of the computers have been cleaned, reformatted and loaded with free operating and educational software in collaboration with the computer studies pupils at the Saint-Joseph school in Boulogne-sur-Mer.
      On 23 June 2009, the computers were distributed to schools and associations at a special ceremony attended notably by the former Minister for Education and former Transport Minister, Gilles de Robien.

    To find out more on the CSR, please refer to the 2017 Corporate Social Responsibility Report of the Group.