Development mission of the Group:
Euro Immo GET

A major player in the field of innovative transport infrastructures, the Group has been entrusted by the French public authorities to develop the area around Coquelles (Pas-de-Calais, France).

The Group, an eco-responsible and innovative developer for the economic growth of the area


The Group has gradually transformed part of its land reserves in Coquelles into a joint development zone covering 700 hectares (1,730 acres) to accommodate the 10th largest shopping centre in France (Cité-Europe, 7 million visitors per year), car dealers, a multiplex cinema complex with 12 cinemas, 15 restaurants, a hotel complex of the Accor group, a business park and a private clinic. The implementation of the Cité-Europe development represents a €220 million investment and 2,500 jobs.

As an innovative developer, Eurotunnel Group is today developing in partnership with Star Capital Partners a project for the interconnection of the electricity networks between France and Great Britain.

Euro Immo GET, a subsidiary of the Group

Within the framework of its mission as development concession holder for the seafront eco-village and golf resort of the Porte des Deux-Caps, the Group has created a 100%-owned subsidiary, Euro Immo GET.

Following a request for proposals, Euro Immo GET was chosen in early 2013 by the municipality of Sangatte-Blériot-Plage to become the developer of a seafront eco-village and golf resort at the Porte des Deux-Caps.

Development mission of Euro Immo GET

As the concession holder of the development project, Euro Immo GET ensures:

  • Monitoring of the operations;
  • Real estate and land acquisition management;

  • Development and service of land plots;

  • Marketing operations to real estate developers and investors;

  • Implementation of a sustainable development approach.

Key periods

In 2013:

  • Award of the development concession to Euro Immo GET;
  • Declaration of public utility.

In 2014-2015:

  • Further urban studies and planning;
  • Further real estate market studies;

  • Regulatory studies and processes;

  • Sustainable development issues: energy advisability studies;

  • Clearance of archeological surveys and issues.

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