The project

A programme of 160 hectares combining the practice of golf with seafront leisure activities and an eco-village

The project includes the implementation of a world class golf course covering 121 hectares, a luxury hotel, a real estate programme for an eco-housing village of 500 homes over 40 hectares and a balneotherapy spa complex.

More detailed information on the golf and seaside leisure activities on the Golf course of the Porte des Deux-Caps page

More detailed information on the real estate programme of the eco-village on the Real estate programme page

At the heart of a euro-regional tourist catchment area

The seaside eco-village and the golf course at the Porte des Deux-Caps are located at the heart of a British, Belgian and Dutch euro-regional tourist catchment area famous for its keen golfers. This ambitious project, a stone’s throw from the Channel Tunnel entrance, aims to increase tourism in the Calais region.

In line with the tourist development programme led by the town of Sangatte and the Grand Site des Deux-Caps

Along with the waterfront eco-village and the golf course at the Porte des Deux-Caps project, the Town of Sangatte plans to develop additional sports, cultural and leisure facilities, comprising the sailing resort already in activity, the creation of an equestrian centre, a place devoted to the history of the Dover Straits, the enhancement of the sea front and the sand dunes, the development of greenways and walking paths.

The environmental valorisation, at the heart of a territorial project

Built on a former wilderness, the seafront eco-village aims to protect and develop the environmental heritage of the Porte des Deux Caps. From the preliminary archeological studies to the works completion, Euro Immo Get always cares about the preservation of the land and the sea by implementing sschemes such as:

  • Creation of rain gardens;
  • Planting vegetals according to the weather conditions of the area;
  • Respect of the wind effects on trees and shrubs in the public areas;
  • The conception of the golf according to the landscape of the littoral.


The gardens of the seafront Eco-village of Sangatte

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