Railfreight operator

Europorte, subsidiary of Getlink, is specialised in rail freight. It’s the first privately owned French operator to have been granted a rail operator licence by the public authorities in France for developing rail services throughout the European Union. Europorte develops the complementary activities of its commercial subsidiaries: Europorte France, Europorte Services (Socorail Brand) and Europorte Proximité.

Thanks to its dense coverage in France, Europorte is positioned as a growth vehicle for Getlink, present across the entire rail freight transport logistical chain, from collecting and routing on primary and secondary networks (Europorte France) or loading and unloading of wagons on private branch lines on industrial sites (Europorte Services/Socorail), to managing rail infrastructure (ports, private and public/private industrial sites) in France and also in Belgium.

Europorte is offering complete and customised solutions to its customers, meeting their expectations for integrated logistics chains and high quality of service.

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A successful strategy

In 2017, Europorte saw an increase in both its activity and its profitability. This improvement is the result of a strategy that has prioritised productivity over volume. In rail traction, concentrating commercial and operational resources on major customers and optimizing human resources, through the use of powerful digital tools, generated a 20% increase in productivity.

  • 1.7Bn tonne-kilometres for Europorte France in 2017
  • 6.2M net tonnes of goods transported by Europorte France in 2017

Unparalleled rail engineering

The company has developed very productive maintenance engineering, perfectly adapted to rail traffic, and able to anticipate breakdowns, thus providing significant savings for customers. Europorte is continuing to enrich its expertise in “smart maintenance”, which makes extensive use of digital tools.

Developments in Europe

Though national rail freight markets are stagnating or even declining in Europe, cross-border activity is growing, particularly between France, Germany and Belgium. As such, Europorte is stepping up its commercial offer in this area:

  • Signature of a contract with Vynova for transporting raw materials manufactured at its Belgian plant to its PVC production site located in the Pas-de-Calais region
  • Partnership with the local operator Bahnlog (Germany): Europorte undertakes the full traction, without loading and unloading at the border, of three limestone (raw lime) trains between the Lhoist plant in Lorraine (France) and the German steel plant of its customer Rogessa, located in Saarland, using its own bilingual drivers who are authorised to drive on both networks.

Outlook in feeder networks

Socorail’s traditional activity in industrial sidings continues to feel the effects of de-industrialisation in France. In contrast, the small railway line market is beginning to come to life. Europorte has won calls for tender for the delegated infrastructure management of feeder networks in the Hauts-de-France region, where the regional authority has taken over a number of networks, in Alsace and near Bordeaux, for the Bec d’Ambès line.

To find out more about Europorte, please go on the Europorte website.