Le Shuttle

Eurotunnel Le Shuttle carries passenger vehicles (cars, motorcycles, vehicles with trailer, camper vans, caravans and coaches) on board its Shuttles. Customers remain in their vehicle throughout the crossing, which lasts approximately 35 minutes.

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Before entering the Tunnel, customers can rest and eat in convivial spaces, accessible to people with reduced mobility, located at the Folkestone and Coquelles terminals. These c.5,000m² buildings have been completely refurbished to the highest standards of international airports and offer a vast World Duty Free sales outlet, play area for children, air-conditioned rest rooms, food hall, baby facilities...

Le Shuttle consolidates its leadership on the short straits

The Passenger Shuttle business reached almost the record level achieved in the previous year, confirming the competitively and strength of the Eurotunnel offer, which maintains its strong momentum in all circumstances. Driven by its speed, efficiency and quality of service, Eurotunnel Le Shuttle came close to transporting 2.6 million cars and maintained its market share for cars at 54.9% in a car market that contracted slightly for the Short Straits in 2017.

  • 2 595 247 cars transported on Le Shuttle in 2017 (including motorcycles, vehicles with trailers, caravans and camper vans)

Strengths of Eurotunnel transport system

Permanent service
The only cross-Channel service open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Short crossing time
Eurotunnel offers the fastest cross-Channel service: it takes only c.35 minutes to cross the Short Straits, without even to get out of your car.
High frequency
Passenger Shuttles offer up to 5 departures per hour each way at peak traffic period.
The Channel Tunnel is hardly affected by the weather conditions.
Quality of service
With a high customer satisfaction rate, more than 410 million passengers have already travelled through the Channel Tunnel.
Respect for the environment
Eurotunnel is committed to protecting the environment every day and is to date the only cross-Channel operator to have published a carbon footprint review: Eurotunnel is by far the most environmentally-friendly cross-Channel service.

Quality of service: a top priority

Eurotunnel places the customer at the heart of its strategy and implements the means to reinforce its satisfaction and its loyalty. Since 2013, the cross-functional Customer Experience department develop solution to improve even more customer experience, from their first contact on the website up to their comments at the end of the journey. The department handles service quality improvement projects: real time information, individualisation of the service, flows optimisation, digital transformation...

Premium service Flexiplus

A Flexiplus ticket guarantees that customers are given priority boarding on the next Shuttle to depart, even if they arrive before or after their booked departure time. Available 24 hours a day, this service is accessible to all types of passenger vehicles including caravans, trailers, campervans and motorcycles, whisking them across the Channel in unrivalled comfort.

With real-time informations on the next departure and the transit time for border controls available to them right from check-in, customers can decide to take a stop in the Flexiplus lounge for a break and a snack at the Folkestone or Coquelles terminals.

In 2017, the Flexiplus service accounted for more than 5% of passenger traffic.

Pets service

Today, on average, one car in ten on the Passenger Shuttle has a pet on board and this number continues to grow. By choosing Eurotunnel Le Shuttle, customers can stay with their pets (dogs and cats) during the crossing, giving them a short, stress-free journey, with pet controls conducted in the car at the Drive-Thru lanes.

  • 331,372 pets (mainly dogs and cats) crossed the Short Straits on Le Shuttle in 2017, an increase of 10% compared to 2016

    Digitalisation: A service for the end-to-end journey

    Eurotunnel extends its service offer for Passenger Shuttle customers to cover their entire journey from end to end. All the available digital resources are leveraged to provide tailored real-time information for every passenger, meticulously anticipating and catering for their needs from the moment they leave home until they arrive at their destination.

    A number of developments are already operational, under way or at project stage to contribute to continuously strengthening Le Shuttle’s major competitive advantages, which lie in crossing the Short Strait as quickly, easily and comfortably as possible. For example:

    • The terminals are equipped with automatic terminals for check-in for all customers with a reservation and a license plate recognition system.
    • Flexiplus customers receive a contactless RFID chip hanger that allows to track their position in real time and tells them how long it will take to transit through the terminal, right from check-in. This real-time tracking will be gradually rolled out to all customers.
    • Free Wi-Fi is gradually be rolled out across the entire terminals, from check-in to the Shuttle loading platforms.
    • First connected object on board: the Passenger Shuttle toilets are fitted with a box that records footfall, allows customers to rate cleanliness using a contactless button and tracks the toilets’ maintenance in real time.
    • To anticipate future increases in traffic, Eurotunnel has launched various studies as part of its Smart check-in, Smart border, Smart loading, which involves self-administration of border controls for some categories of passengers.

    To find out more details on the Passenger Le Shuttle business, please read the 2017 Annual review of the Group.