1994-2019: the Vital Link for 25 years


On 6 May 2019, Eurotunnel celebrates its 25th anniversary and commends the genius of the designers, the doggedness of the builders, the dedication of the original shareholders and the motivation of the teams to prepare for the future.

These have been 25 years of challenges, pride and sharing. But above all, 25 years of operational success and traffic records since 1994:

More than 430 million passengers have travelled through the Channel Tunnel on board the Eurotunnel Shuttles and high-speed Eurostar trains, the equivalent of three times the populations of the United Kingdom and France combined.

Almost 410 million tonnes of goods have been carried through the Tunnel mainly on board the Eurotunnel Truck Shuttles but also on the freight trains of the Railway Operators.

More than 86 million vehicles have been transported in 25 years, of which 58 million cars, coaches, camper-vans and motorcycles by Le Shuttle and
28 million trucks by Le Shuttle Freight.

More than 2.6 million pets (dogs and cats) have travelled on board Le Shuttle since the opening of the service in February 2000.